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December, 2014

Should Docs prescribe Mobile health?

“Findings published recently in the journal European Psychiatry point to a potential reservoir of unmet mhealth (mobile health) need in the area of depression treatment. The Spanish study followed 7525 patients starting medications for depression to see how many would continue to take their meds for the recommended 12 months treatment period. Within three months 56% had stopped taking their medication, and by the eleventh month, only one quarter were still popping their pills. At the end of a year, only 22% were still taking their medication. Interestingly, patients taking daily meds for multiple chronic health conditions were twice as likely to continue taking their antidepressants. Population studies in Europe suggest that 10% to 13% of the population suffers from depression.”

Ano Lobb, Justmeans, 3 December 2010

6 December 2010 | Categories: News | Country: Spain | Tag(s): Compliance, Depression, Medication, mHealth
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