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December, 2014

What is the Evidence Base for Informatics, Health IT, and Related Areas? Some Recent Analyses

“The first part of 2011 has brought a number of publications, and subsequent discussion, about the “evidence base” for the efficacy of biomedical and health informatics interventions, including electronic health records. These publications and conversations come against a backdrop of a very poisoned political environment in the United States, where everything about healthcare, including informatics, has become unfortunately very politicized. In this posting, however, I will stick to the science.”

William Hersh, Informatics Professor, 20 April 2011
Abstract (Romano 2011)
Abstract (Buntin 2011)
Abstract (Goldzweig 2009)
Article (Chaudry 2006)
Article (Black 2011)
Article (Greenhalgh 2010)

20 April 2011 | Categories: News | Country: United States | Tag(s): evidence-based, Health Informatics, Health Information Technology
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