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December, 2014

Self Care – Inform patients via your website

“Simply telling patients that they need to self care more is not enough: GPs need to provide them with appropriate tools. This why the practice team and I have spent the past five years developing our practice website, www.htmc.co.uk
I believe that making the internet a bigger part of practices’ patient care plans will create proactive and focused patients. For example, if I direct a patient to an online resource (like our practice website) during a consultation, they can look up the website at home. Then they can be directed to other online sources of information that encourage them to find out more about their condition – and to do something about it.”

Amir Hannan, GP Online, 14 April 2011

See also this video presentation given by Glenn Griffiths showing live in the presentation an online consultation which demonstrates the patient (G.G.) providing a history of symptoms electronically that the doctor (Amir Hannan) is able to act upon safely.

Internet-Informed Patient Symposium – Glen Griffiths from School of Clinical Medicine on Vimeo.

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