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December, 2014

The Doctor Is Always In: Telepsychiatry expands the reach of mental healthcare

“When they looked recently into their crystal balls, some Houston doctors saw a future of less face time with patients and more technology in the hospital or office. But the oracle didn’t show them the HD telepresence technology actually facilitating doctor-patient face time in a medical center in their very own city.
In a March podcast, the New York Times highlighted the work of JSA Health, a telepsychiatry practice providing mental health services via telepresence to inmates in Texas prisons and people in rural areas who otherwise would not have access to psychiatric help. Through telepresence over secure, private connections, JSA Health can “beam a happy, smiling psychiatrist into any location,” said the company’s chief medical officer, Dr. Avrim Fishkind. The technology has proven especially helpful in providing psychiatric evaluations during emergency situations in community medical centers, schools, jails, or other locations that may not have a psychiatrist physically present.”

Kerry Best, See Hello, 9 May 2011

10 May 2011 | Categories: News | Country: United States | Tag(s): Mental Health, Telemedicine, Telepsychiatry
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