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December, 2014

Consumer health informatics: results of a systematic evidence review and evidence based recommendations

An increasing array of technology based tools are available for patient and consumer utilization which claim to facilitate health improvement. The efficacy of these Consumer Health Informatics tools has not previously been systematically reviewed. As such a systematic evidence review of the efficacy of consumer health informatics tools was conducted. This review also sought evidence of any barriers to future widespread utilization of these tools and evidence of economic impact of these tools on health care costs. The findings of this review indicate that while more work needs to be done, the available literature does suggest a positive impact of consumer health informatics tools on select health conditions and outcomes. Many barriers remain that must be overcome prior to widespread utilization of these tools. There was insufficient data regarding economic impact of consumer health informatics tools on healthcare costs.

Full article
Gibbons, M. Chris; Wilson, Renee F.; Samal, Lipika; Lehmann, Christoph U.; Dickersin, Kay; Lehmann, Harold P.; Aboumatar, Hannan; Finkelstein, Joseph; Shelton, Erica; Sharma, Ritu; Bass, Eric B., Translational Behavioral Medicine, 1(1), 72-82, DOI: 10.1007/s13142-011-0016-4

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29 May 2011 | Categories: Science | Country: United States | Tag(s): Consumer, e-Health, Health Information, Health Information Technology
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