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December, 2014

Tele-ICU: Experience To Date

Tele-intensive care unit (ICU) is a care provided to critically ill patients by off-site clinicians using audio, video, and electronic links to leverage technical, informational, and clinical resources. Providing care includes the ability to detect patient’s instability or laboratory abnormalities in real-time, collect additional clinical information from or about the patient, order diagnostic testing, make diagnoses, implement treatment, render other forms of intensive care such as managing life-support devices, and communicate with patients and bedside providers. This review summarizes how tele-ICU services are delivered, the alternative approaches that have been used, and summarizes published reports of its effects on patient-focused outcomes. Tele-ICU is thought to have great promise to support critically ill adults.

Lilly, Craig M.; Thomas, Eric J., Journal of Intensive Care Medicine, 25(1), 16-22, DOI: 10.1177/0885066609349216

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8 June 2011 | Categories: Science | Country: United States | Tag(s): Critical Care, health-information-system, Monitoring, Tele-ICU, Telemedicine
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