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December, 2014

Now that Google Health is dead, what did we learn about PHRs? That engagement and messaging is what matters.

“While PHRs haven’t caught the healthcare world by storm, their “Patient Portal” cousins are doing great. Unlike PHRs, which are usually managed and maintained by patients, “Patient Portals” are managed and maintained by a healthcare professional or provider organization — and usually allows for a major feature: messaging and private emails. What we’ve learned is that people aren’t that interested in managing their healthcare records, they are more interested in engaging and communicating with their health professionals. Yes, shocker! People want more time with their physicians and don’t really care who manages their chart.”

Shahid N. Shah, The Healthcare IT Guy, 24 June 2011

25 June 2011 | Categories: News | Country: United States | EHR: EHR, EHR USA | Tag(s): Consumer, Google-Health, phr, Portal
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