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December, 2014

Trial shows medical app reduces errors in emergency situations

“The moment where a patient’s pulse slips from faint to absent or the rise and fall of their chest becomes imperceptible is perhaps the most stressful, emotionally charged situation in medicine. It naturally, therefore, lends itself to chaos – and chaos plus emotion does not lead to good outcomes. A recent study suggests that medical apps could help help providers overcome these two obstacles during medical emergencies, potentially improving outcomes for patients.
A few months ago, we covered a randomized controlled trial which suggested that an ACLS app, iResus, improved physician performance in code situations. A recent publication in Resuscitation by Flanigan et al suggests that yet another app for emergency situations, in this case PICU Calculator, also improves clinical performance.”

Satish Misra, iMedicalApps, 30 August 2011
Abstract (Flannigan 2011)

30 August 2011 | Categories: News | Country: United States | Tag(s): Applications, emergency, Medication Errors
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