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December, 2014

Do EHRs Increase Liability?

“Health Information Technology (HIT) has a history dating back almost 50 years to its origins in bioinformatics. The earliest HIT pioneers considered how best to encode and store information about patient treatment, but were limited primarily to basic science research projects or managing patients in their own institutions. Only in the last 30 years have there been an increasing number of larger corporate interests, developing products intended to reach a broader industry audience. Despite several decades of development, marketing, and sales, penetration into provider environments, both in hospitals and medical practices, has been limited and fairly stable.”

Larry Ozeran, Mark R. Anderson, AC Group, October 2011
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26 October 2011 | Categories: News, Report | Country: United States | EHR: EHR, EHR USA | Tag(s): Legal, Liability
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