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December, 2014

mHealth: Ray of hope for the ‘hard-to-reach’ people

“Because of their isolation and the challenges of travelling, these villages often have little opportunity to enjoy and cherish standard healthcare. To be able to talk to a doctor is a unique privilege for the villagers who are beset by lack of hospitals, clinics, health facilities and, particularly, qualified doctors. Currently, the patient-doctor ratio is 4000:1 and patient-nurse ratio is 15:1in Bangladesh. With the enormous advancements in mobile phone technology and its ever-growing network, mHealth could be the best solution to replace the health workforce, which currently has a critical level of manpower shortage. With 97 per cent of geographical coverage, mHealth could be the ray of hope for these ‘hard to reach’ people.”

Mehedi Hasan Fuad, Financial Express, 22 January 2013

23 January 2013 | Categories: News | Country: Bangladesh | Tag(s): Chronic Diseases, mHealth, Rural
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