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December, 2014

The HIT Scam

“Last week John Goodman posted a brief blurb about the latest problems with Health Information Technology (HIT). The issue deserves a little more attention because it is an abject lesson of how health policy always fails these days.
The articles from the New York Times and the RAND Corporation indicate that HIT has not lived up to expectations. Actually, it is quite a bit worse than that. The RAND piece is a sort of mea culpa for an earlier RAND “study” that predicted $81 billion in annual savings if we adopted HIT (the version I have said $77 billion, but what’s $4 billion between friends?)”

Greg Scandlen. NCPA, 23 January 2013

24 January 2013 | Categories: News | Country: United States | Tag(s): Costs, Health Information Technology, Incentives
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