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December, 2014

EHR Upgrades Can Downgrade Productivity Soon After

“I received a call a couple of weeks ago from our electronic health record vendor. It was time for an upgrade.
Uh-oh. An upgrade? The thought strikes terror in my heart. OK, yes, absolutely, I want any bugs (and there are always going to be bugs) squashed. I want the latest updates. But I want it without disruption to the practice.
Fortunately, the plan was to upgrade after hours, so as not to interrupt the office’s schedule. Still, we’ve had updates before that resulted in unpleasant surprises the next day. Computers not connected to printers, certain features not working right, etc. And to discover these issues at 8:10 a.m., part way through seeing a patient is enough to make me want to throw my computer tablet on the floor the way Moses smashed his tablets when he came down the mountain and the Israelites were worshipping a gold idol. So maybe my problems aren’t as bad as his, but they still make me mighty angry.”

Melissa Young, Physicians Practice, 25 March 2013

26 March 2013 | Categories: News | Country: United States | EHR: EHR, EHR USA | Tag(s): Productivity, Software
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