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December, 2014

A better way to share and store electronic health records

“Missy Krasner faces a big challenge in taking care of her aged mom, who sees eight doctors for different medical issues. Krasner discovered that these doctors have no way other than fax to share data with one other, so each has an incomplete picture of her mom’s medical status. That creates risk of misdiagnosis, bad drug interactions, and so on. Most of her providers allow Krasner to download her mother’s medical data, but they use different formats, none of which is human-friendly or integrated. As a result, she must interpret and manage dozens of data files.”

Galen Gruman, InfoWorld, 26 April 2013

28 April 2013 | Categories: News | Country: United States | EHR: EHR, EHR USA | Tag(s): Cloud, Data Sharing, Data Storage, phr, Security
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