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December, 2014

various purposes of video conferencing in the field of Tele-medicine

“In the present days physicians want to utilize the power of video conferencing for high-quality audio/video interaction for Tele medicine, individual care, undercover research and other programs. Video conference meetings removes the access, overall performance and cost issues of traditional systems that require expensive MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) equipment and dedicated QoS (Quality of service) systems. The MCU can connect multiple video and audio sites to one or more conferences simultaneously and supports mixed ISDN and IP video conferencing calls.
Telemedicine is the major application that has a need for a perfect video conferencing solution. It helps sufferers who cannot access specialized medical care features such as in non-urban places or from far away places to acquire appropriate assessment without having to travel long ranges. The tele-medicine service provides features to deliver sufferers medical care records, pictures, outcome from medical care devices and music as well as audio which is two-way.”

Spy Ghana, 27 June 2013

28 June 2013 | Categories: News | Tag(s): Remote, Surveillance, Telemedicine, Videoconferencing
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