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December, 2014

Personal Health

Dr Topol: Haven’t used a stethoscope in 2 years

Chris Gullo, mobihealthnews

“The future of mHealth is bright, according to West Wireless Health Institute vice chairman Eric Topol, who spoke this week at the opening keynote of the 2011 mHealth Summit. “This is a most momentous moment in medicine,” he told the gathered audience.
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6 December 2011 | No Comments »
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The Power Behind Personal Health Data

Shea Steinberg, EHR Bloggers

“For years now, Wired Magazine and Executive Editor Thomas Goetz, have been studying the power behind health data. With his newly released book, The Decision Tree, Goetz discusses how improving healthcare begins with making better decisions and the role data can play in the decisions you make.
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3 November 2011 | No Comments »
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Personal Health Ontology: towards the interoperation of e-health tools

Puustjarvi J, Puustjarvi L. International Journal of Electronic Healthcare, 6(1)

Patient-centred healthcare subscribes to the belief that the patient has strengths, values and experiences that are important in the healthcare experience and relationship between those providing care and the patient. It requires patients to have the ability to obtain and understand health information, and make appropriate health decisions. The main problem here is that though the e-health applications provide patients and consumer with access to health information, each application is still individually used and the used and produced information remains within each system.
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19 March 2011 | No Comments »
Categories: Science | Country: Finland | Tag(s): information-therapy, Interoperability, Knowledge Management, Ontology, Personal Health, phr, Semantic

Seamless Integration of ISO/IEEE11073 Personal Health Devices and ISO/EN13606 Electronic Health Records into an End-to-End Interoperable Solution

Ruiz IM et al, Telemedicine and e-Health, 16(10)

The new paradigm of personal health demands open standards and middleware components that permit transparent integration and end-to-end interoperability from new personal health devices to healthcare information system. The use of standards seems to be the internationally accepted way to face this challenge. In this article, the implementation of an end-to-end standard-based personal health solution is presented.
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22 November 2010 | No Comments »
Categories: Science | EHR: EHR | Tag(s): Devices, health-information-system, Interoperability, Personal Health, Standards

The Adoption of Mobile Health Management Services: An Empirical Study

Hung M, Jen W. Journal of Medical Systems, 2010

As their populations age, many countries are facing the increasing economic pressure of providing healthcare to their people. In Taiwan, this problem is exacerbated by an increasing rate of obesity and obesity-related conditions. Encouraging the adoption of personal health management services is one way to maintain current levels of personal health and to efficiently manage the distribution of healthcare resources. This study introduces Mobile Health Management Services (MHMS) and employs the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to explore the intention of students in Executive Master of Business Management programs to adopt mobile health management technology.
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3 October 2010 | No Comments »
Categories: Science | Country: Taiwan | Tag(s): Health Management, mHealth, mobile, Personal Health

ICMCC 2010 Program Tutorial


ICMCC Organizes 2 tutorials at the ICMCC 2010 Event.
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30 April 2010 | No Comments »
Categories: News | Tag(s): Personal Health, Platform

Architectural Approach to eHealth for Enabling Paradigm Changes in Health

Blobel B, Methods of Information in Medicine, 49(2)

For improving safety and quality of care as well as efficiency of health delivery under the well-known burdens, health services become specialized, distributed, and therefore collaborative, thereby changing the health service paradigm from organization-centered over process-controlled to personal health (pHealth).
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19 March 2010 | No Comments »
Categories: Science | Tag(s): Interoperability, Ontology, Personal Health, Semantic, Ubiquitous

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